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Ceasefire Communication Retainer 

This agreement is between you and Ceasefire Communication, Ltd (we/us). Ceasefire Communication’s mission is to help you manage and transform your high conflict relationship in a way that fosters your (and, if applicable, your children’s) emotional health. In addition to our filtering service, we offer you tools and support which you can access to become a resilient communicator who can roll with and respond to adversarial messages without a loss of peace or power.

  1. Consent for Services: 

    • Filtering Service: This is our recommended first step to transform your high-conflict relationship. If you choose to subscribe to filtering services, you will automatically forward all emails from your correspondent to Ceasefire Communication. We will remove harassing and demeaning content according to the linked filtering criteria. We will then forward any remaining information to you. If there is important content (such as information about an upcoming event with the children, etc) that is presented in a demeaning manner, we will email you to advise you of the important information without the commentary.

    • Basic Communication Coaching: When communication in a high-conflict relationship makes you feel like you’re always under fire, it’s pretty normal to become reactive and defensive and to develop communication habits that are problematic. With a Communication Coaching subscription, we will review all your outgoing messages to your correspondent and highlight content that we would filter out if it was going to you. We will also point you toward some tips for addressing the problems in ways that don't run afoul of the filter. You remain in control and send on your messages when you are satisfied with them. 

    • Communication Courses: These can be purchased on the side or made available with a coaching package, as they become available.

    • One-on-one Coaching: This may be provided on a space-available basis for clients who would like additional assistance with crafting their communication (to their correspondent, their legal team, their children’s school etc). This can help them clearly and respectfully advocate for their and their children’s needs.  Personal coaching may also be available to those who would like dedicated help to transform their side of their high-conflict relationship.

2. Fees:

Subscription fees are subject to change. We will advise you of any increases to our subscription rates at least a month in advance.

​3. Ownership of Personal Correspondence

The raw emails from your correspondent that come to us belong to you. We will store them while you are receiving service from us, and can make them available to you (or your lawyer, at your request) on an as-needed basis. A nominal fee will be charged for accessing and forwarding emails from our archive. 

4. Consent for Use of Personal Correspondence for Training Purposes:

You agree to permit us use of the adversarial messages you may receive for our in-house training, after we remove identifying information. You agree that we may also use non-identifying snippets from them in our communication courses for clients. 

5: Limitations of Services

Despite our best efforts to remove harassing and demeaning content from your correspondent’s messages to you, we cannot promise to take out everything that might frustrate you or hurt your feelings. There may be veiled jabs that we don’t recognize and/or painful issues that need your response.  We need to make judgment calls on what is important to pass on and what is only harassment, and that is subject to error. For example, your correspondent may be in the habit of making threats to get you to do what they want. We may pass on that they will consider legal action if this issue cannot be resolved, while filtering content like “send the kids this weekend or I’m going to drag your sorry #%# court and I’m going to get full custody.” You agree to not hold us liable for judgment calls that are designed to serve you. Your feedback will help us to exercise our judgment in a way that is tailored to your needs. 

6. Remedy for Harms

If you are dissatisfied with our filtering service, you may cancel your subscription and receive a refund for the month in which you cancel.

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