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While you can't singlehandedly transform a combative relationship into a collaborative one, you might be surprised by what a few tweaks to your own communication can do. Here is a collection of tips and resources for navigating your combative relationship in a way that invites peace. Even if your ex decides they'd still rather fight, you might be surprised by how good it feels to disentangle yourself from the drama and to hold on to your compassionate power. 


We all make mistakes in our messaging to an ex, especially when we're feeling constantly attacked or we're worried about our kids. Here is a list of some common pitfalls, and tips for managing taxing situations in a way that fosters a more peaceful and productive relationship. 

Sunset Flower


Psychologist Marshall B. Rosenberg coined the term "nonviolent communication" in the 1960s to describe an approach to communication that builds peace and maximizes collaboration. Here is a collection of online resources you can access at no charge that can help you learn the basics of his approach.  

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