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I am Anne Kassel, a veteran of a catastrophic divorce. When I had to flee my marriage during a precipitous decline in my then-husband’s mental health, I had four little children and one on the way. Two protective orders later, all the trust that had once existed in our relationship was demolished. My children's father and I became bitter enemies, and healthy co-parenting looked impossible. It wasn’t; but we needed to learn some new skills. It was a long road, full of detours, but today, there is peace between myself, my ex, his girlfriend, and our children. We actually enjoy each other’s company and meet online for family games nights.  


I developed this service for people like me who need an escape from the whirlpool of anger and recrimination. I know from experience that sometimes it’s necessary to get filtering of messages from an ex, so that you can hold onto a modicum of peace and be able to focus on the kids. But when the filtering is done by a friend or family member, it can create more hard feelings and can result in the children being exposed to disparaging remarks about one parent from the people who love their other parent.


Ceasefire Communication exists to provide you with a filtering service that is confidential and professional while equipping you with the skills you need to make peace when you’re ready. We are your ally for establishing healthy communication patterns with your co-parent. 

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