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Ceasefire Communication

Communications Coach and Filtering Service


Help for the high-conflict relationship that you can't block, so you can focus on the kids.  


How It Works


  1. You block your correspondent from your phone and social media. 

  2. You inform them that they can reach you by email only (we'll provide a sample message). 

  3. We help you set up automatic forwarding so their emails come to us instead of you. 

  4. We remove harassing content according these guidelines then forward their messages to you. 

  5. You remain in control of your communication and respond how you see fit, when you're ready.


When you get a challenging email, we help you cope and build a functional co-parenting relationship.

  1. We help you identify your needs and your children's needs. 

  2. We help you recognize your co-parent's legitimate needs

  3. We give you feedback on your draft response to the email, encouraging you to stand up for your needs while treating your co-parent with dignity.

  4. You remain in control of your  communication and respond how you see fit, when you're ready. 



Check out our Client FAQ, Correspondent FAQ, and our Communication Tips for a better picture of what we filter and how it will work. 


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